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FÜRSTENBERG - new Carlo Tessuto pattern

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

An interplay of contrasts woven into a harmonious overall picture: Carlo Tessuto is an elegant tableware series that combines maritime associations with an urban attitude to life.

Tessuto is a modern interpretation of the interconnectedness of apparent opposites: light and dark, movement and calm, sea and city. Like fascinating coastal cities from Hamburg to Marseilles, Tessuto also combines the timelessness of the sea with cosmopolitan vibrancy.

"I am fascinated by contrasts. Tessuto is an exciting interplay between masculine structures and fine feminine elegance. The ambivalence of the colours lend the decor a positive sense of drama that unites in an overall impression of balanced symmetry." Sylvie Langet, Designer

Italian elegance meets French charm

The elegant Tessuto design stems from the pen of French designer Sylvie Langet. Fine lines in contrasting colour gradients blend together with an almost textile-like quality to form a harmonious overall image. Delicate 24-carat gold rims add shimmering accents.

On the Carlo form created by Italian designer Carlo Dal Bianco, the bright colours of the Cote d'Azur interweave with the joie de vivre of the Italian dolce vita to create elegant porcelain tableware.

Harmonious interplay of colours

A soft light blue, a bright red-orange and a bold dark blue combine to create fascinating arrangements. In turn, each decorative colour is made up of fine lines of different shades, some of which are highly contrasting. On taking a closer look, these come together to form a balanced colour image. Thanks to the symmetry of the patterns and the familiar pictoriality of a textile structure, the abstract design evokes balanced calm and modern elegance.

Individual dining culture

TESSUTO can be individually combined. Geometry and precision define the entire CARLO collection. The handcrafted handles give the service its unique charm while the particularly thin body accentuates the porcelain’s elegance. With its white form and various designs, CARLO can be presented in almost endless settings, making mix & match a source of inspiration for contemporary dining culture.

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