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Paraiba - a new limited edition colour from VENINI for summer 2023

Group image of various Venini vases (Fazzoletto, Monofiore Balloton, Opalino and Deco) pictured in the new Paraiba colour and in all of Venini's finishes - opalino, transparent and sandblasted.

A breath of summer freshness guides us to the discovery of the new Venini collection, inspired by the fascinating colour of summer: Paraiba. The intense green of the previous gem evokes the energy and liveliness of tropical landscapes, enriching Venini's iconic collection with vibrant shades and a unique and exciting visual experience.

This limited edition colour is only available to order until the end of August 2023.

It is available in the following collections: Fazzoletto, Monofiore Balloton, Opalino and Deco.

Venini Fazzoletto vase pictured in limited edition Paraiba green

Venini Monofiore Balloton vase pictured in limited edition Paraiba green


Monofiore Balloton

The "Tissue" was born from the collaboration between Fulvio Bianconi and Paolo Venini, with a soft shape and a wavy and moved hem, always unique, obtained with the flying hand technique.

Small vials, like ancient treasures that have been discovered in unknown places. Perhaps in the room of a refined woman from the past, a lover of beauty and fragrance. These blown glass ampules with caps have the delicacy of personal belongings, with details that appear like curious florets blooming upward.

Venini Opalino vase pictured in limited edition Paraiba green

Venini Deco vase pictured in limited edition Paraiba green



Elegance has no excess, no frills, no illusions. Elegance is purity, it is essential and perfect lines. Elegance is a handmade blown glass vase, that never reveals her age and has been in exhibitions an dpublications worldwide for over 80 years. Elegance has a synonym - Opalino

Rhythm: this is the word that defines the shape of the Deco series of vases. The rings are repeated, one after another. They increase, decrease then increase again. They seem to move like circles in the water with ripples and reflections. This movement is a dance.


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