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Poltrona Frau x Giobagnara

Poltrona Frau x Giobagnara

Giobagnara and Poltrona Frau come together in this collection of games and fitness equipment to define a new chapter in the field of luxury home accessories. The inimitable know-how of Giobagnara's finest artisans meets Pelle Frau, a trademarked special leather by Poltrona Frau that can guarantee water resistance, breathability and resistance to rubbing and stains, encapsulating the highest values of elegance, quality and beauty.

This collection includes precious accessories able to enhance daily life, bringing the union of the most refined Italian Art of Living and know-how to the highest level.

About Poltrona Frau

Renzo Frau founded Poltrona Frau in Turin in 1912. In the 30s it was already a status symbol. From 1926 it was appointed supplier of the Italian Royal Family, the Savoia dynasty. From then on, it will furnish all the most important houses, grand hotels, the interiors for Expo Turin 1928, and the lavish transatlantic Rex, pride of the Italian Navy.

Poltrona Frau's mission is to create understated and elegant objects inspired by tradition and projected into the future to provide global living solutions, develop custom interiors for private and public spaces, and luxury travel interiors to meet the emotional and aspirational needs in a sustainable fashion for a sophisticated international clientele.

The brand is globally recognised as the undisputed excellence in sustainably crafting leather upholstered objects for homes and public spaces, as well as luxury travel interiors, boasting a position on the international market as the ultimate aspirational brand. Poltrona Frau encompasses excellent handcraft, high quality materials and aesthetic sensibility.

Each material from the brand's catalogue is carefully selected and sourced based on technical, functional and emotional characteristics to ensure every product is durable, optimised in weight and manufactured with advanced processes that are sustainable for the environment and long lasting for the customer. These exclusive technological processes and special finishes make these materials 'proprietary' that are unique to Poltrona Frau.



The Games collection

Exquisitely crafted games, from playing cards pouches and boxes, Triple games boxes, Backgammon and Dominoes to Chinese Checkers, Mahjong and Dice Sets. All realised using Pelle Frau trademarked leather in predefined colour combinations.



The Fitness collection

Style and innovation come together in an ode to physical wellness, guaranteeing an unparalleled well-being experience. Crafted to the highest nobility of materials and boldness of design, it's an invitation to carve out time to take care of yourself.


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