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SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG - AW23 New Collections

Into the blue

Photo of the SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG Paraiso Blue champagne tumblers

With the two new Paraiso Blue champagne tumblers, SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG celebrates the beauty of nature and awakens a desire for adventure. Tropical plants and exotic animals from several continents will have you dreaming of distant places and pristine wilderness.

As you rotate the tumblers in your hands, you'll discover the rich variety of the Monkey and Leopard decors. The capuchin monkey is accompanied by a parrot and kiwi, the leopard by a toucan and crane.

The pieces in this new series are decorated in elegant, understated blue. The idyllic scenes are framed by fine lines at the top and bottom, giving the tumblers a classical feel. On the inside, the delicate porcelain is plated with 24-carat gold. Made by hand in Germany, each tumbler is one of a kind.

About Sip of Gold

The Sip of Gold champagne tumblers from SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG are handcrafted in Germany. Each one is a combination of wafer-thin porcelain and the finest precious metal, which creates gleaming reflections and the impression of liquid gold when a drink is served in the tumbler. They are available in pure white or black, with precise reliefs or all-over decors - 44 designs in total.


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