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Sipping gold with mixologist Marie Rausch

Picture of mixologist, Marie Rausch
Mixologist Marie Rausch

Crowned Mixologist of the Year at the 2022 Rolling Pin Awards, Marie Rausch runs bar-restaurant Rotkehlchen in Münster, Germany, with her husband Niklas. Marie is a long term fan of SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG's unique champagne goblets and tumblers, and has created some exquisite cocktails, including 'Soul on Top'.

We talked to her about why she loves these pieces and her inspiration for creating new and unique drinks. Marie has also been kind enough to share some recipes with us, so you can enjoy her cocktails at home!


“What do you like about the SIP OF GOLD tumblers?

On the one hand, I love the incredible feeling of the thin-walled tumblers; they give a special drinking sensation. On the other hand, I love the variety of designs. Depending on the drink, I have the possibility to combine the characteristics of my drink with a suitable decor. And the guest can immediately get a sense of where the taste journey is going.

“What brought you and SIEGER together?

When I was preparing for the European finals of the Diplomático World Tournament in 2017, I'd already thought up my cocktail but was still looking for a suitable vessel to serve it in. While I was browsing through different options, the SIP OF GOLD champagne tumbler caught my eye; it was exactly what I needed for the competition. When I reached the world finals, I got in touch with SIEGER.

“Which SIEGER pieces do you have in your restaurant?

Various tumblers, like SIP OF GOLD, PROMETHEUS, plus plates, bowls and cups. One real highlight is the FACES cooler, which we use as a flower vase!

“What do you think makes the collections special?

That there's always something new to discover, some new use to which they can be put. Although there's a distinctive style that runs through all the collections, SIEGER is constantly reinventing itself. The various models of the SIP OF GOLD tumblers alone offer so many opportunities to be creative. They can be used pure and unadulterated, all by themselves, or you can decorate them to create a completely different look.

“You've been generous enough to share some cocktail recipes with us; how did you come up with he 'Soul on Top' drink?

I created 'Soul on Top' to show how you can also prepare a creative and unique drink quickly and easily at home. As it's a well prepared punch, Soul on Top is the ideal aperitif when welcoming guests and wishing to toast in style!

“You recently won Mixologist of the Year at the Rolling Pin Awards in Berlin - how does it feel to have your creativity recognised again?

Unbelievable! I feel very honoured that my work is still getting this recognition after our recent concept change. I am also very happy that I was able to receive this title as a woman and I consider it a sign that as women we are now receiving equal attention for our work behind the bar.


Recipes to enjoy at home

Marie has kindly shared two of her signature recipes that you can make at home in your SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG

Cocktail recipe: Soul on Top

This cocktail contains alcohol


- 10g mallow blossoms

- 50ml white port wine

- 100ml champagne

- 330ml lemon juice

- 200ml sugar syrup

- 1 vanilla pod

- blueberries


Pour 1 litre of hot water over 10g mallow blossoms, leave to cool and filter. Mix with the pulp of a vanilla pod, 200ml sugar syrup and a bowl of blueberries for at least 3 hours. Finally, mix 50ml of the blueberry mallow mix with 50ml white port wine and 100ml champagne.

Cocktail recipe: Hipster Lemonade


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