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GioBagnara is a manufacturer of high-end leather goods based in Genoa, Italy, that since 1999 supplies some of the best design and interior decoration shops, architecture studios, superyacht and private jet projects, epitomizing Italian craftsmanship and focusing on the art of living.

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Stéphane Parmentier first met Giorgio Bagnara a few years ago in the aisles of a professional trade show. Enamored of the beauty and the quality of the leathers used, not to mention the meticulous attention to detail evident in each piece, he regularly contacted GIOBAGNARA to realize the custom-made home furnishings in leather or suede that he designed for private clients. Very soon, the two built a rapport based on a shared sense of rigor, a quest for excellence down to the smallest detail and a taste for modern elegance expressed through sleek design, beautiful material — and a mutual taste for audacity. In blending tradition, aesthetic heritage and modernity, Stéphane Parmentier brings a graphic and sensual sensibility to a typically Italian art of living of which he is particularly fond. 


The interior architect and designer Stéphane Parmentier began his career working for Karl Lagerfeld before deciding to devote himself to architecture full-time in 2002. Since then, he has created and developed numerous projects for an international clientele attuned to his style of luxurious simplicity. The homes and objects he designs reveal a vision that is deeply anchored in a modern everyday lifestyle. Inspired by classical Greco-Roman antiquity, the beauty of the Puglian landscape, the restraint of the Japanese aesthetic, and a desire to focus on the essential, he cultivates elegant asceticism by associating noble materials with subtly graphic lines.  


Giorgio Bagnara entrusted Stéphane Parmentier with the artistic direction of GIOBAGNARA. This season, Stéphane Parmentier has designed approximately sixty new creations for the brand, from boxes, cases, desktop objects, storage units, change trays, trays, candle holders and vases to furniture and leather — or suede — trimmed lamps in a wide array of colours.


Stephane Parmentier Trays
Malaparte leather desk
Console Tables by Stephane Parmentier
Scala Collection designed by Stephane Parmentier
Storage boxes from Stephane Parmentier
Shelving & bookcases
Tables and coffee tables in leather and travertine
Accessories from Stephane Parmentier
Malaparte Desk Blotters
Leather covered stools
Lighting from Stephane Parmentier
Artwork and sculptures
What's New
Malaparte Desk
Malaparte Desk

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Lipari table lamps
Lipari table lamps

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ParmentierXGiobagnara_Scala round trays_
ParmentierXGiobagnara_Scala round trays_

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