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Contemporary since 1747, the Fürstenberg porcelain manufactory has produced porcelain that also always reflects the time in which is is created: the spirit, the attitude to live as well as the aesthetics.

Accordingly, for 270 years Germany's second=oldest manufactory has been creating and producing ranges that have become icons of dining culture.  This claim is also applied to each new design.

It is Fürstenberg's craftsmanship that characterises its quality most of all.  Perfection down to the last detail is only possible because, even today, the majority of porcelain manufacture is still based on handwork.



The magical appeal of the moon is transposed onto the high-quality porcelain through many remarkable designs created using the colours black and white, and 24 carat gold.

The universal radiation intensity of the sun and moon as an inspiration for cosmopolitan porcelain: the form AUREOLE.

FLUEN (Shifting Colours)

Shifting Colours is a colourful design, based on coloured surfaces which - when one is laid over the other - give rise to a new colour.


Vibrant blue, powerful gold and gentle pastel tones combine into a fascinating unity.


The multiangular shape with elaborately detailed ornamentations on handles, spouts and lit-knobs still has that very enticing romantic touch. The wide gold decorations applied by hand for the ATHENA decor create tasteful accents: fine gold lines provide discreet focus on the surfaces.


The entire OMNIA service is comprised of a dinner plate, a plate for breakfast, dessert or side dish, a bowl and a cup, thus embodying the essence of modern dining culture. 


All four articles have a matte exterior and appear finely layered.


Made of razor-thin manufacturer's porcelain, the TOUCHE series captivates thanks to its sophisticated elegance and special smooth feel.  The special insulating effect of the cups, created by the double-walled yet extremely light-weight design, also testifies to the technological sophistication.  The series is comprised of a bowl, one small cup and one large mug., matching saucers and a breakfast plate.


Wilhelm Wagenfeld created the "Service 639" in 1934 in the spirit of Bauhaus.

In 1937, the form WAGENFELD was awarded the Gold Medal for design at the World Exhibition in Paris.

Today, the agelessly modern form captivates by continuing to be up-to-date.  Material, functionality and design together form a single entity with every object.


DATUM is the first porcelain tableware series designed by the global architecture and design studio Foster + Partners.

The precise geometry in porcelain, the modular system of the individual pieces and FÜRSTENBERG's unparalleled expertise combine to make DATUM an outstanding and groundbreaking tableware collection.


The look is created by luxurious shades of gold combined with discreet green hues and the unique effect of the ornaments. 

This form is a convincing service with geometrically precise structures and playfully sweeping curved handles.


A firework display of colours and ornaments on a classical-elegant porcelain form.

Inspired by oriental forms, the blaze of colour of Indian saris, golden gratings from the temple architecture of Rajasthan, Byzan-tine flower patterns and textile ornaments from the 16th century.

DATUM collection
DATUM collection

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Carlo Este Collection
Carlo Este Collection

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DATUM collection
DATUM collection

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