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For 275 years, Germany's second-oldest porcelain manufactory has produced pieces with passion and precision, which reflect the time in which they are created and at the same time have the potential to become classics.

Whether tableware for the home or for commercial settings, sculptures and vases for interior design or pieces of furniture; it is FÜRSTENBERG's craftsmanship that characterises its quality most of all.  It takes up to 100 hands and six weeks before a piece is perfected and ready to leave the manufactory.  Perfection down to the last detail is only possible because, even today, the majority of porcelain manufacture is still based on handwork.



FÜRSTENBERG's collections represent 275 years of style and iconography; with traditional, classic and contemporary forms and decors.


Tradition and innovation are very closely linked at FÜRSTENBERG.  Since 1747 they have been manufacturing porcelain that is exceptional in many respects.  Exceptional in quality, stylistic confidence and attention to detail.

PLISAGO brings the elegance and sophistication of porcelain into modern living worlds.  The basic shape of the side table consists of two interlocking spheres, the manufacture of which demanded the greatest possible precision.  Its pleated, almost textile structure and the matt glaze create a charming contrast to the diamond-cut top.  The side table is available in classic white and rose as well as in a miniature version.

Working in collaboration with Studio Besau-Marguerre, the striking pleated effect of the side table continues in the PLISAGO wall boards.

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