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Zanetto is an Italian craftsmanship laboratory, dedicated to the creation of silver and precious metal art objects for room and table decoration.

The Zanetto production philosophy involves maintaining the artisanal character of its products, convinced that hand production provides a unique and absolute guarantee to achieving exceptional quality and original workmanship.

Like every company, Zanetto is a reflection of the people who created it and who experience it, reinvent it and help it grow every day.  The company's history is therefore entwined with that of its founder Bernardo Zanetto, and his son Enrico.

Today, the workshop has about 15 in-house employees and 10 external collaborators, all of whom complete a training and learning period of more than 5 years.  Zanetto are proud to leave the marks of their handcrafted finishes as a witness to the preciousness of their creations.

Founded in 1963, the company boasts more than fifty years of experience and makes use of the most talented Italian workers in the silver sector to produce innovative objects of sophisticated design.

By skilfully combining the most traditional work methods with the most original artisanal endeavours, the company creates alluring, high-quality works that can decorate any setting, and satisfy those who love to surround themselves with priceless and timeless values, like beauty and harmony.


Zanetto's creations feature its unique and hand-finished textures.  Details which make their design objects even more unique and distinctive.  The closely guarded secrets of these techniques make it possible to obtain features you won't find elsewhere.

Zanetto - Velvet 1 Collection
Zanetto - Craftsmanship
Zanetto - Introduction
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