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Renowned for its elegant creations that convey luxury without ostentation, Giobagnara adheres to the highest standard of Italian design and craftsmanship.  

Launched in 1999, the brand has quickly earned a reputation for expert leather workmanship, and its founder has become a key partner for a large number of interior designers as well as a select group of yacht and private jet designers who rely on his specialised knowledge to realise made-to-measure commissions.

Since its inception, Giobagnara has given birth to masterpieces with any type of leather, ranging from printed calfskin to exotic hides.  Matched in recent years by the introduction of other materials such as marble, wood and metal, offering a series of select finishes of choice.

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Giobagnara logo

Having evolved from a family tradition that since 1939 has been active in the research and sale of elegant decorative objects, the workshop’s success is based on a thorough and learned study that combines talent, research and technical know-how.

Photo showing the Polo marble bathroom collection with pieces in both Arabescato White marble with brass metal detail, and Travertino marble with brushed bronze metal detail. Picture includes double toothbrush holder, toothbrush holder & soap dispenser, tissue box, small and large amenity boxes, valet tray and soap dishes.

The entire process is handled with expertise so that every single product is made with meticolous care from the very first steps to the end. A brand that is distinctive for elegantly designed creations that express luxury without ostentation, available in a colour palette of 200 leathers and suede, tanned in Italy and handcrafted to the highest standards using both traditional know-how and leading-edge technology. This approach to tradition and modernity led Giorgio Bagnara to experiment: he constantly pushes technical limits in his quest for objects that are both beautiful and relevant, and in doing so relies on the skills of the company's craftspeople.


The collections in the Giobagnara universe are extensive, from small accessories and jewellery to serveware, lighting and furniture.  Any room, yacht, jet or commercial premises can be adorned with exquisite items of luxury in Giobagnara's range of finishes, with bespoke sizes available in many categories to suit individual tastes and interiors.


Born into a family renowned for cultivating for three generations the art of living, Giorgio Bagnara became passionate about his calling at a very early age. In the late Nineties, after noticing that leather from the fashion industry was not considered enough as material for home accessories, he founded GIOBAGNARA with the goal of applying it to a complete collection.


Along with his wife, Vanessa, he decided to move his design studios and workshops in the old docks of the Port of Genoa where, surrounded by the essence and beauty of that location, the company took a significant step forward. 


SP_S_R_ParmentierXGiobagnara_Scala sideboard_01.jpg


Giobagnara has collaborated with key and influential designers to bring new collections and styles, crafted from the natural materials in which the brand specialises.

Stephane Parmentier x Giobagnara logo

The interior architect and designer Stéphane Parmentier began his career working for Karl Lagerfeld before deciding to devote himself to architecture full time.  Since then, he has created and developed numerous projects for an international clientele, attuned to his style of luxurious simplicity.

Having met Giorgio Bagnara in the aisles of a trade show and enamoured with the beauty and quality of the leathers used by Giobagnara, not to mention the meticulous attention to detail, he regularly contacted the brand to realise custom-made home furnishings.

After building a rapport based on the shared sense of rigour, a quest for excellence and a taste for modern elegance expressed through sleek design, a collaboration followed.

Since, Stéphane Parmentier has designed a number of new creations, from boxes, cases, accessories, and furniture pieces.

HBP240 242 244_Champagne Spherades box_LIFESTYLE01.jpg
LTP027_Table lamp_MEDIUM_LIFESTYLE01.jpg
GSTV530 531 532 533 534 535_Lloyd rectangular trays_DETAIL01.jpg
Glenn Sestig x Giobagnara logo

Glenn Sestig graduated from the Henri Van De Velde institute in Antwerp, and in 1999 established a practice together with painter Bvardk. 

From the outset, their work focused on extreme precision, on a construction with such mastery of the architectural line, proportions and perspective that it is easy to forget the careful consideration that will have gone into their design and creation.  


Glenn Sestig Architects is synonymous with contemporary chic.  his work can be seen as unrelentingly urban and contemporary - materials are exclusive and its combinations are renewing and unique.

The Glenn Sestig collection for Giobagnara contains funiture and functional pieces which offer clean lines, solid form and contemporary style.

GSHB550 540 GSTV530_Lloys rectangular and square boxes_Llyod rectangular tray n1_LIFESTYLE
GSMA431 433_Lloyd low and high side table_LIFESTYLE01.jpg
Francesco Balzano x Giobagnara logo

Francesco Balzano was born and grew up in Paris, yet his visual culture is imprinted with the images of Venice, Florence, Rome and Capri - where he used to spend his summer holidays.

He studied interior design and architecture, and then joined the famed studio of Joseph Dirand, working on prestigious projects.

In 2018 he opened his own studio, designing custom and limited editions of furniture pieces for art and design galleries around the world, as well as continuing his work for as an interior architect for private clients.

Simplicity as a means to ultimate sophistication.  The unparalleled mid of noble materials, pure lines and essential functions of everyday lifestyle.

The Francesco Balzano collection for Giobagnara features monolithic designs in carefully curated ranges of leather and marble.

FBHS071_Ossicle leather stool_LIFESTYLE01.jpg
FBHS077_Ossicle leather chair n.2_LIFESTYLE01.jpg


Giobagnara's creations are crafted from the finest leathers, marble, wood and metal to create pieces that are enriched by the stories these natural materials can tell, and the personality they convey.


The sensual strength of leather enhances items used and enjoyed on a daily basis.  The choice is wide and goes from the most traditional leathers such as calfskin, enriched by the possibility to choose from many elegant textures, up to precious exotic ones like real shagreen and crocodile.



Together with a natural material such as leather, marble is the ideal match.  Speaking to a refined taste and uniting heritage and modernity, marble is versatile, tells stories and is culturally relevant.

The different colours and textures provide objects with a unique profile.



Being characterised by elegance and cleanliness, its juxtaposition with the leather and marble brings contrasting yet harmonious results.

With four finishes available as standard, Giobagnara reaches the most balanced and well-matched schemes.



Walnut, maple, oak; natural, walnut or wenge finishing.  With its natural appearance that compliments leather, it gives off a warm and familiar feeling, creating mesmerising effects with its textures which are never the same.  Adding inimitable personality.