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Located in the beautiful countryside of West Sussex, England. Heirlooms are one of the world's leading manufacturers of luxury bespoke bed, table and bathroom linens.

Heirlooms manufacture all of their luxury linen in-house using the finest Italian-woven fabrics and state of the art embroidery machines built to their own specification.

Heirlooms are honoured to be 'By Appointment' to the late Her Majesty the Queen and the former HRH Prince of Wales, King Charles III. Thereby demonstrating the highest standards in service, quality, excellence and integrity.

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Heirlooms offers a luxurious selection of bespoke bed linens, handcrafted with the highest attention to detail. They work exclusively with carefully selected weave mills to ensure only the finest fabrics are used in their linens. Clients can choose from a range of styles and customisations, including contrast borders, piping and embroidery.

This allows them to create truly unique and personalised linens. Heirlooms' Home Collection features an exclusive range of designs and products, all manufactured in-house using Italian-woven fabrics and state-of-the-art embroidery machines. Linens of exceptional quality and durability are the result of traditional craftsmanship and attention to detail.

Heirlooms believe that there is no substitute for hands, eyes and instincts. Their highly skilled designers, cutters, machinists and embroiderers personally measure, cut, stitch and check every item, ensuring the highest standards of accuracy, attention to detail, workmanship and durability.



From the skilled artisans who lovingly craft each piece with precision to the creative minds shaping their vision, discover the artistry, dedication and unwavering commitment that makes Heirlooms.

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