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Unrivalled, dense, clear, sonorous and luminous.  Born of a ball of fire and the breath of man, Saint-Louis crystal vibrates with all the talent inherited from history and extraordinary creative fantasy, inspired by current trends.

Since 1586, the master glassworkers, proud and secretive, have blown, engraved and cut glass without respite in their endeavour to produce the finest and post transparent glass possible.

Saint-Louis' signs every day, crystal creations - tableware, vases, chandeliers and lighting.

Saint-Louis logo

Saint Louis can trace its roots back to 1586 and since 1829, renamed « Cristallerie royale de Saint-Louis », the manufacture is exclusively devoted to the production of crystal-glass items and introduced the concept of a set of glasses for the dining table with the Trianon service.


Through aesthetic and formal innovations, rewarded with gold medals and lackened orders, the art of living in crystal will seduce the whole world.

Saint-Louis Tommy glass



Pierre Charpin

Designer Pierre Charpin and Saint-Louis composed a new contemporary lifestyle collection.  From tableware to lighting, through barware and decoration, objects ring true.

Based on the interplay of horizontal and vertical lines, Pierre Charpin has created a unifying language.

The rhythm of the regular lines is imprinted into the crystal, which is expressed here in its purest clarity.



Noé Douchaufour-Lawrance

As a table or desk lamp, on a terrace or boat, the contemporary design of the Folia portable lamp complements all decorative styles.

The staggered bevel-cut crystal creates a surprising geometric pattern, multiplied by the light, reflecting the creative and technical know-how of Saint-Louis' artisans.

The Folia portable lamp uses an LED bulb, and is rechargeable.  It can last up to 25 hours, and be used anywhere - it's completely mobile!

SAINT_LOUIS_0419_V1_R2_©Jonas Marguet.jpg

Saint-Louis Manufacture

Saint-Louis Manufacture

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Saint-Louis Hot Workshop

Saint-Louis Hot Workshop

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Saint-Louis Cold Workshop

Saint-Louis Cold Workshop

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