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NasonMoretti, one of the leading glassworks in Murano, was born in 1923 in a period of great success for Italian visual arts.

The company was ground-breaking: its chalices and glasses soon became the undisputed reference for the Venetian "art of the table".  It has decorated the tables of the most prestigious lineages but also those of the everyday life with a special taste for refinement.

NasonMoretti's ability to represent a cultural avant-garde has prompted numerous collaborations with brands such as Valentino, Giorgio Armani, Hèrmes and Tiffany & Co.

Gothic wine glasses and water tumblers by NasonMoretti

The continuous experimentation with metals, oxides and minerals has made NasonMoretti a pioneering company in the use of colours, involved in collaborations with the most important fashion stylists, designers and interior decorators, all equally interested in the possibility of continuously personalising their own collections.



NasonMoretti creates its products in a limited number, addressing those who are not easily pleased, those who love and search for value and elegance in everyday gestures and objects. 

Each piece contains the ancient alchemy and the millennial knowledge of Murano master glass-workers, joined with the pursuit of a redefined modernity, which make it a unique and collectable object.  A NasonMoretti creation is a fragment of culture that is deeply rooted in the Venetian history, whose ancient techniques are followed to guarantee the purchase of a product of excellence.



Within the Venetian glass industry, the preparation of colours is a sacred practice: each master glassmaker jealously guards his recipe book, revealing its contents only to people he is sure he can trust.

NasonMoretti's DOT collection


Essential lines and pure shapes, with an unexpected touch of colour.

The versatility of the collection makes it perfect to compliment every project, adding a warm touch to any interior, or outdoor space.

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