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From the time when the company was established two hundred years ago, Gien, the largest earthenware making factory in Europe, has symbolised elegance, luxury and the unique French 'art de vivre', the legendary French way of life.

It gained renown producing bespoke dinner services bearing family crests, for prominent French and European houses of the time, and also, through production of tiles for the Paris Metro.


Founded in 1821, the factory is located in Gien, in the Loire Valley.  Gien Faicence gained renown during the 19th century largely through one main product: dinner services bearing the coats of arms of prominent families of the European aristocracy.

Warm and vibrant, Gien fine earthenware is in a class of its own through its composition, its quality designs and forms.  A Gien plate requires 26 different ingredients and passes through the hands of 30 Faience craftsmen, the heirs to a legacy of two hundred years of skill and know-how.

With more than fifty different designs, Gien produces over 3000 referenced items, from dinner plates to exceptional hand-painted prestige pieces.

Fine Gien earthenware is a living material.  Its composition resulting from 200 years of know-how gives it a sensual and warm touch, which sublimates the decoration and allows the creation of a friendly atmosphere.  The casual chic style of Gien draws its inspiration from classic pieces, offering designs and forms that are both elegant and contemporary.  As well as having its own graphic designers, Gien also collaborates with artists.


Gien - Les Filets
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Gien - Filet Cobalt
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Gien - Millefleurs
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Faïcenerie de Gien still controls, to this day, the entire manufacturing process of its goods; from sourcing raw materials, to making clay paste and slip, to turning out the finished product.  All its plaster molds and glazes are developed and produced exclusively a the factory.  Gien is 100% made in France.

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Two centuries of know-how go into the production of an exceptionally high quality earthenware.  Techniques used in manufacturing are traditional to this day and synonymous with excellence.  Gien maintains quality controls at each stage of the production to ensure its reputation for quality remains unrivalled.


Gien offers the possibility to personalise your plates with your own monogram or coat of arms, and choose your own plate decoration from an archive of material dating back to the 19th century.

They also offer the celebrated Monogram collection, featuring Gien's standard monogram designs to add a touch of individuality to your tablescape.

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