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Saint-Louis - new SS24 Folia additions

Updated: Apr 22

New Mini Folia portable lamp

Photo showing three Mini Folia portable lamps by Saint-Louis

From ceremonial chandeliers to contemporary lighting, Saint-Louis has been showcasing its exceptional expertise and mastery of lighting since 1850. Following on from the success of the Folia portable lamp, Saint-Louis now introduces a mini version that brings a new facet to its lighting range: a small cordless lamp that fits in the palm of your hand.

The Folia mini portable lamp is an “all-terrain” distillation of the house’s luminous signature magnified by crystal, which enhances the object by projecting the patterns of its cuts. The unique alchemy of the dialogue between matter and light.

Both precious and casual, it elevates the codes of portable lighting. Always close to hand, it can be dimmed to suit the desired use and mood, from a morning glow to evening candlelight. It illuminates and accessorises side and occasional tables, console tables and bedside cabinets, alone, in pairs or in threes.

The mini portable lamp is the latest creation designed by Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance for the Folia collection. It features geometric and organic shapes in homage to the forest surrounding the Saint-Louis manufacture.

The Folia aesthetic

The mini portable lamp has rounded ergonomic lines that make it an essential object with a gentle quality. Its verrine echoes the organic shapes of the Folia collection, which can also be found in lighting and decoration. Bevel-cut in tribute to the leaves in the Moselle forest, the Folia mini portable lamp, like the rest of the collection, is a

contemporary interpretation of nature.

The Folia lighting signature

Like the portable lamp, the mini version projects a pattern of light that is unique to the Folia collection. Thanks to the alchemy of the dialogue between matter and light, the light expands the object and surpasses it, as if forming extensions of the crystal's cuts. This luminous motif has become emblematic of Saint-Louis.

A newly elevated Folia material: an aluminum lid

Aluminum has been used previously on the handle and insert of the Folia portable lamp, and is now brought to the fore on the mini version. A lightweight and luminous material delicately brushed to evoke the patterns found in the organic world, particularly on the bark of certain types of wood.

The three colours of the Folia mini portable lamp

The three colours presented echo the handles and insert of the Folia portable lamp. A light gold, a subtle copper and a warm silver. Three colours that work in harmony with each other and suit any interior.

Soft touch

With the new touch-sensitive switch, you can turn the light on, dim it, adjust the light temperature or turn it off, all with the touch of a finger.

Bespoke lighting

The mini portable lamp has two light temperatures:

  • Light warm white (2700k), similar to the Folia portable lamp, to be used for dazzling white firefly light effect.

  • Extra warm white (2200k), a more intimate, almost candlelight-like, to be used as a photophore.

For each temperature, there are three intensity levels to choose from.

A new type of use for Saint-Louis, a small cordless lamp that fits in the palm of your hand and accessorises the home.

From morning glow to evening candlelight, it illuminates the home in all circumstances:

  • Alone, in pairs or in threes, to illuminate and enhance moments of conviviality: on a dinner table, a coffee table for an aperitif in the living room or on a terrace, or placed on a chic picnic tablecloth in the garden.

  • Alone, in pairs or threes, for more intimate moments, on a bedside table, console or occasional table in the living room, study or bathroom (IP44).

  • Its subdued light can also accessorise the hospitality world:

    • restaurant and bar tables.

    • different areas of a hotel to create a warm, intimate atmosphere: lobby, reception desk, private lounges, reading corners, vestibules and spas.


Folia Coffee

The radiance of crystal, the strength of wood

Folia Coffee crystal tumblers shown on the wooden tray.

The Folia tableware collection now includes two new tumblers with their own wooden tray, designed especially for coffee.

Ristrettos, espressos, double espressos and lungos can all be savoured in these new containers. Delicate and contemporary, these new additions to the range echo the geometric, organic shapes of Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance’s Folia collection and work wonderfully as a gift for oneself or others.

The tumblers:

The two new Folia coffee tumblers echo the design of the Folia bar tumblers. Their bevel cuts pay tribute to the foliage found in the Moselle forest.

The espresso tumbler has a capacity of 2.5 fl oz and is ideal for ristrettos and espressos. The lungo tumbler has a capacity of 6 fl oz and is ideal for double espressos and lungos.

The base of each Folia coffee tumbler has a handcrafted satin-finished to ensure it sits securely on the wooden tray.

The tray:

The Folia coffee tray is made in France from solid walnut wood, in a workshop not far from the Saint-Louis Manufacture. As wood is a living material, each tray is unique and bears its own special veining patterns. The Saint-Louis signature is engraved on the underside. Tray dimensions: 8.1 in x 5.4 in.


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