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Christofle's Graphik collection is expanding with new cocktail pieces.

To celebrate the art of sharing so dear to Christofle, the famous French silversmith is expanding its iconic Graphik collection already expressed in a selection of crystal glasses and wine accessories. Giving pride of place to the bar universe, this silver-plated collection with a distinguished style and bold modernity offers all the essentials for making the best cocktails.

The Graphik bar collection with Champagne cooler, cocktail shaker and measure.

Over the past few years, cocktails have been making a return to grace. They have now established themselves as one of the most fashionable drinks of the day. Colourful and flavourful, they are found on every table.

The Graphik family is expanding with five new silver-plated items dedicated to the bar universe. Graphik’s geometric design is positioned on the base or top of each piece and highlighted by the mirror finish, a signature of Christofle’s know-how.

  • A champagne bucket and a wine cooler for one bottle. The handles crafted in rounded lines make it easy to handle the bucket and cooler while complementing their shape. These key pieces elegantly hold champagne and wine, keeping them chilled for longer.

  • A double-walled insulated ice bucket. This indispensable deluxe bucket keeps ice cubes or crushed ice under optimal conditions for longer thanks to its double wall and insulated lid.

  • A shaker. This silver-plated item encourages cooling to give a perfectly blended cocktail at just the right temperature. This three-piece shaker features a strainer to filter pre-mixed cocktails. The shaker is a must-have key piece for all cocktail and drink recipes.

  • A jigger, this double measure allows you to precisely measure out the amount of liquid to give the accurate ratios needed to prepare cocktails and other drinks. The finest part of the intersection between the two measures is a grip allowing better handling, offering a design that is aesthetic and ergonomic in one.

From preparing your cocktails to presenting your finest bottles, this Graphik bar collection — silver-plated in the Christofle workshops in Normandy and made to match the Graphik glass collection — will accompany you throughout your evening parties, to celebrate an event, share and enjoy a magical moment.


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