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Christofle - SS22 New Collections

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Infini Christofle

A new contemporary dining concept

With almost 200 years of expertise, Christofle has reflected on the modern use of cutlery, the essential elements of a contemporary table and how we can, using ancestral know-how, challenge the established order to reach the fundamental. This is how the Christofle Studio created Infini Christofle; rethinking each element of cutlery present in a traditional service to offer 15 quintessential pieces, including 2 pieces to serve.

The idea behind the range is simple: innovate, through a collection of essentials and new ergonomics designed for a single purpose: the pleasure of the table. In that perspective, the Christofle Studio took a new look at each piece of cutlery, ignored the traditional homothety of a cutlery service, questioned the gestures, takin gin new lifestyles and the richness of today's world cuisine.

Infini Christofle thus offers 7 revisited pieces and 8 brand new pieces with unique shape and dimensions.

MOOD Collection

Two new additions to this iconic collection

New and fun, MOOD is a cutlery setting for six people that offers a new take on the art of the table.

A design object of lust, MOOD shakes up conventions, annihilating the traditional placing of cutlery around the plate. MOOD and the cutlery it houses have been designed to be an integral part of the meal, acting as a centerpiece.

Eager to satisfy all desires, the MOOD collection was designed to enhance every moment of pleasure linked to the art of the table. An informal brunch with friends, a weeknight family meal, a lunch on the grass, a coffee accompanied by sweets, a cocktail party with bubbles and nibbles... MOOD addresses each of those moments where pleasure is savoured, where sharing takes place and flourishes around food.


Always in tune with the times, Christofle unveils MOOD Asia, dedicated to Asian gastronomy. Designed for all tables, from Sunday evening with a gourmet takeaway in the West to the tasting of traditional Asian dishes within the continent it celebrates, MOOD Asia brings us all together.

Christofle MOOD Asia

The silver-plated chopsticks - a novelty from Christofle - have two-level ridges for better food grip. Intended to satisfy all tastes and habits, they present a design at the crossroads of styles of all Asian chopsticks. They are accompanied by chopstick rests developed exclusively for this MOOD, whose round and solid shape recalls that of the cutlery and their associated case. A Christofle innovation, 7 new original soup spoons display a format suitable for bowls and 6 dessert forks harmoniously complete MOOD Asia.


Christofle MOOD Easy

Versatile, MOOD Easy is the ultimate stylish and useful box for experiencing a wide variety of dining moments. Easy to use, it has a reduced size and smaller cutlery for a better grip for the whole family.

Composed of cutlery for starter or dessert - 6 forks, 6 knives, 6 spoons as well as 6 coffee spoons, it is perfectly suited to an informal lunch, a brunch or a snack. Complementing the iconic MOOD by Christofle, it embodies the idea of sharing to perfection.


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