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Discover Barock - a unique new barware collection from GIOI by Zanetto

GIOI is the new brand of luxury craftsmanship that comes from consolidated experience of the well-known Zanetto artistic laboratory, a leader in the manufacture of noble metals for table and homeware.

GIOI will never stop, it will be a moving brand animated by multiple personalities who will be chosen every year with the task of giving vent to their creativity.

Barock, designed by Samer Alameen

Barock is an eclectic bar accessories, it interprets a world in movement.

The mobile bar doesn't move with simple wheels but is driven by a refined and precious pallet truck, inspired by the world of mechanics, as well as the rest of the pieces in the collection.

The Barock collection is fun.

The material, titanium, is more fun than silver and simpler to use and combine. The products are fun, all inspired by the world of mechanics. From the iconic tumblers with screws, to the wrench bottle opener, to the bottle holder that manages to make the rim of a car elegant and refined.

The Barock collection plays with contrasts, the candour of the white marble, then the cabinet opens and shows all its eclecticism through the titanium bar accessories with a strong personality.

Trolley bars always require setting up: Glasses, Ice Bucket, Bottles, Carafes, Bottle Openers, Shakers, Napkins etc.

Barock offers a bar on wheels, with the conceptual approach in creating an iconic, practical and innovative design based on a luxury pallet truck with exquisite marble finishing.

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