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Giobagnara - Venezia Backgammon Table & Ettore Marble Backgammon Set

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

Venezia Backgammon Table

Leather-covered wood structure with removable legs. Reversible top with leather inlaid backgammon playing field on one side and inlaid chessboard on the other. Under the top are concealed three leather-covered trays with compartments. Includes boxwood chess, maple and walnut backgammon pawns with leather inserts, two dice cups, standard dice and a doubling cube.

Ettore Marble Backgammon

Marble tray with reversible leather pad showing a backgammon inlaid playing field on one side and a simple monochrome surface on the other. Combined with a leather-covered wood box that features a coordinated marble cover and contains playing accessories: maple and walnut pawns with leather inserts, 2 dice cups, 4 dice and a doubling cube.

Marble finishes available: arabescato white / green guatemala / eramosa brown / black portoro / travertino.


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