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GioBagnara - SS21 New collections

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

Discover some of the latest products and collections launched in February 2021 by GioBagnara.

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Structura Triple Game Box

Walnut wood structure with sole leather cover featuring an engraved chess and draughts field on one side and a muehle eld on the other. The design is solid yet light in appearance, while the material projects a vintage look that will age gracefully.

Structura triple game box by GioBagnara

Positano Marble Bathroom Set

The Positano marble bathroom collection boasts metal details with different finishes that enhance each piece of this set, which is now translated in stone.

Each stone used to bring a Positano marble set to life is different from the other, providing a unique, exclusive design to each creation.

Positano marble bathroom set in brown by GioBagnara

Latina marble desk set

Featuring an absolute minimalist design carved from travertine, the Latina desk set boasts essential sculptural traits and is an elegant modern addition to any office setting with its sophisticated and heavyweight pieces.

Latina marble desk set in travertine marble from GioBagnara

Magnus gym weights set

A metal structure available in chrome, bronze or brass finishes with inlaid leather detail and a walnut wood grip.

Available with a range of weights.

Sorrento side table

A convenient side table that is available in a range of finishes in both leather and marble, with bronze, chrome and brass metal finishing.

Group of Sorrento side tables in marble by GioBagnara


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