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Giobagnara - SS24 New collections

Discover new products created for spring/summer 2024, expanding many of Giobagnara's most sought-after categories, including exquisite games and marble accessories.

Rodi marble valet trays

The essential lines and soft volumes of this collection fully enhances the beauty of travertine. Available in five nuances, the Rodi valet tray benefits from a removable leather placemat which can be customised in any of Giobagnara's leather finishes. The form plays with solids and voids, light contrasts and colour combinations.

Rodi marble box

Enhancing the Rodi collection, these boxes feature both an inlaid leather base, and a leather covered removable lid - both of which can be selected from Giobagnara's extensive range of colours and finishes to combine and contrast with the five travertine colours. Available in square, rectangular and round forms.

Boston magnetic menu stand

The freestandng Boston menu holder, featuring Giobagnara's exquisite leathers, benefits from magnetic flaps which hold a menu in place on one or both sides, and a sturdy base. The design enables the choice of more than 200 leather finishes and colours.

The Boston menu stand pictured in Giobagnara's light grey golf leather presented on a dining table among plates and wine glasses


Giobagnara has become admired for its extensive and impeccable collection of games. These are enhanced for SS24 with a number of new additions and collections.

Delos collection

  • Delos wood Ludo game set - featuring fine leather inserts, metal playing pieces and a removable drawer that hosts the pieces and dice when not in use.

  • Delos Snakes & Ladders game set - a leather covered wooden structure with a printed leather playing field. It features metal pieces available in three finishes (chrome, brass or bronze) with fine leather inserts. A removable drawer hosts the playing pieces and dice when not in use.

  • Delos marble Snakes & Ladders game set - with a leather-covered base, this set features a travertine marble top with inlaid printed leather playing field. Metal playing pieces are inlaid with leather, and a removable drawer carefully hosts the pieces and dice when not in use.

Phileas collection

  • Phileas miniature travel Backgammon - a leather covered case with inlaid playing field and polished chrome clasp. Includes bakelite black & white checkers.

Mocambo collection

Designed by Simone Fanciullacci, Mocambo features large volumes in wood and stone, carved and sculpted to create playing fields with modelled, almost primitive lines. Connection and reflection creations that define everyday landscape. These pieces combine marble, wood, bakelite and of course, leather.

  • Mocambo Chess/Draughts game set - a solid walnut top with marble legs (in either travertine or arabescato white marble), the marble playing field can be removed to reveal a carefully designed space to host the playing pieces. In addition to the wooden chess pieces, the set is also provided with bakelite black and white checkers.

  • Mocambo Muehle / Tic Tac Toe game set - featuring a solid walnut top standing on four marble legs, the removable marble playing field reveals an inner space carefully designed to store the playing pieces. Equipped with bakelite black and white checkers.

  • Mocambo Peg Solitare game set - complementing the Mocambo collection with its large volumes and forms, this set features a large solid walnut top sat on four marble legs and equipped with black bakelite beads.

  • Mocambo Tower of Hanoi game set - crafted from solid walnut, the top of this game set features leather inserts and stands on three marble legs. It is equipped with marble playing pieces, also featuring beautifully inlaid leather inserts.

Positano marble pedal bin

Enhancing the Positano marble bathroom collection, this square shaped pedal bin is crafted from marble in one of five finish options. It features metal detail in chrome, bronze or brass and has a non-slip waterproof rubber base underneath. It is provided with a removable metal inner container for convenient emptying and cleaning.


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