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Giobagnara x Francesco Balzano SS23 New Collections

Assoluto Collection

Assoluto is a collection born from the orthoganal intersection of rigorously geometrical volumes. As an homage to Carlo Scarpa, the massive forms and sharp edges create pleasing contrasts with the soft, natural charm of leather, and an eye-catching interplay of light and shadow, while the strong, clean lines provide each creation with a bold and unique visual aesthetic.

Assoluto tray

80.5 x 50.5cm | h 5.5cm. Leather covered wooden structure.

Assoluto stool

Assoluto stool pictured in nude Golf leather

Leather covered wooden structure.

35.5 x 35.5cm | h 51cm

Custom sizes available on request

Assoluto bench

Assoluto console by Francesco Balzano for Giobagnara

Leather covered wooden structure, featuring two drawers with push-pull mechanism.

200.5 x 40.5cm | h 46cm

Assoluto plinth

Assoluto leather-covered plinth by Giobagnara

Leather covered wood structure.

35.5 x 35.5xm | h 81cm

Assoluto console

Assoluto console with finest Italian leather

Assoluto coffee table


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