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Introducing PIET BOON x Giobagnara

Giobagnara has established a collaboration with STUDIO PIET BOON, resulting in an iconic collection where leather is the main character. A range of carefully designed products for the home that seamlessly complement each other. Refinement, functionality and timelessness characterise the authentic and distinctive pieces of this collection. The interplay of these designs underlines the experience of both STUDIO PIET BOON and Giobagnara, adding an exclusive signature to each space.

Photo showing the Form collection, including tray, placemat and coasters

The Form collection

Form is an exquisite collection of table accessories that seamlessly marries the principles of "form follows function" with an unwavering commitment to practical elegance. Crafted with precision, each piece in this collection embodies purity, refinement, and a timeless aesthetic, making it the epitome of sophistication for one's dining experience.

At the heart of Form lies a unique sculptural quality, where the functional composition of primal shapes - circles and squares - intersect harmoniously, creating a visually captivating ensemble. This intentional design approach not only enhances the overall aesthetic appeal but also ensures that each accessory serves its purpose with utmost efficiency.

The collection's protagonist is luxurious leather, elevating the tactile experience and adding a touch of opulence to the functional elements. The choice of leather not only underscores the commitment to quality but also enhances the longevity of these pieces' unfading charm. Form is more than just a collection; it's an expression of thoughtful design that transcends trends, making it a lasting addition to any table setting.


Founded in 1983 by Piet Boon and Karin Meyn on the outskirts of Amsterdam, Netherlands, Studio Piet Boon is a globally operating exterior, interior and product design studio recognised for creating the perfect balance between functionality, aesthetics and individuality. The multidisciplinary team designs acclaimed private homes, residential and corporate developments, hospitality environments and an extensive range of products.

The studio strongly believes that design should be effortless and consider every project to be its own. With each design it focuses on its founding principles: combining functional, timeless design with rich natural materials and distinctive details.

True to its values, Studio Piet Boon seeks out the ultimate match between its beliefs and the wishes of its clients. This leads to a unique set of themes that shape the creative building blocks of design. Keen technical insight, never compromising on quality and rich simplicity, shape the studio design experience.


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