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NasonMoretti - AW23 New Collections

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Tolomeo collection

In celebration of its 100th anniversary, NasonMoretti celebrates its historic stemware production with a modern, autobiographical collection. Tolomeo goblets tell the story of the legacy of the series that allowed NasonMoretti's table to become a symbol of excellence.

The design, in transparent, is complementary to the tumblers of the Idra collection and enhances its service with red wine, white wine and flute sizes, replicating the same textures - lens, balloton, torsè and rigadin.

Issey, Jellyfish and Idol by Matteo Zorzenoni

These new collection, which celebrate technique, innovation and the one hundred years of history of the company, interpreted by the curious and creative mind of the Venetial designer Matteo Zorzenoni.


Glass as a dialogue between the designer and the master. Issey collection is a study of the elements of the table and its essential shapes, intensifying the concepts of multi-function and space-saving.

A unique design object, made up of 5 stackable bowls that can be separated into different décor and table pieces. This set is suitable as a table service, as well as a floral decoration or a tealight.

The traditional venetian textures rigadin and torsé, within their “pleated” finish, design the object as an independent and dynamic shape, in a continuous connection between functional objects and the artistic glass.

Available in two colour combinations:

  • Pine Green & Amber

  • Ruby Red & Turquoise


In the 70s Murano was a district frequented by some of the most famous designers and architects in the world. It is in this decade that iconic collaborations and projects in the world of glass and design began. In this situation, NasonMoretti was a cutting-edge furnace, looking for volumes, geometries and functions, but above all translating glass into an ironic material - in balance between design and functionality, without losing the preference for linear and simple forms.

Jellyfish is the new glass designed by Matteo Zorzenoni, a study of archive models whose result is a single spherical object, with a pure volume taking up the space as a modern sculpture.

The same object is composed of 1 vase and 3 bowls that once unstacked, become a group of simple and functional pieces. Produced in Bull Brown, Violet, Soraya Green and Avio Blue.


Versatile. Exuberant. Conservative. Idol is a design object with multiple facets, one and multiple, which encompasses the technical exuberance of Murano and, at the same time, a typically Pop spirit.

The new collection, produced in a limited and numbered series of 100 pieces, is made up of a series of bowls that can be combined into a single design object and inspired by a cult from the NasonMoretti catalogue, the Lidia collection, the two-tone bowls awarded with the Compasso d' Oro for innovation in 1955.

Idol shows off all the versatility of glass, through bold-opaque colors with a graphic effect, the use of two-tone cased glass, croccante and reticello finishings, that is, the techniques and processes that have distinguished the repertoire of the company in these first hundred years of activity.

Matteo Zorzenoni

The style that sets him apart and has made him one of the most promising Italian designers is the continuous study of the materials and being able to unlock their unexpected potential, like creating glasses made of concrete, glass structures, liquid metal tables...

His projects have been showcased in some of the most important exhibitions worldwide including: Maxxi in Rome, Triennale di Milano, London Design Festival, Centre Pompidou and the Biennale of Architecture in Venice. Zorzenoni has been a teacher at the University of Architecture of Venice IUAV and leads workshops and courses for IED in Madrid, the Domaine de Boisbuchet (Vitra Design Museum), Fabirca, Mexico Design Week and Kozice.

After a long experience as a consultant for Fabrica and be the responsible for the italian branch of the Hayon Studio he currently follows the artistic direction of Dall’Agnese, Comprex and others company.

In parallel, he continues his research into the world of high-quality craftsmanship and the creation of new projects for clients such as Cappellini, Mercedes Benz, Replay, Alcantara, Benetton, Bosa, Miniforms, Somethingood, Agusta Westland, MM Lampadari, Scapin Collezioni, Torremato, Nason Moretti, Novamobili, Bolzan Letti and others.


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