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New from Pigment France by GioBagnara

The respected luxury brand Pigment France, which joined the GioBagnara group in January 2018, is a master at enhancing tableware and appliances with different materials such as straw, willow, rattan and, of course, several different types of leather, bringing a new luxury to everyday objects.

The pieces presented in the collection pay homage to the creative variety and timeless poetry born from the meticulous craftsmanship of these elements.

Pigment France items featuring rattan and woven leather

The latest innovation is a range of products now available in a woven natural rattan with a choice of GioBagnara's printed calfskin Golf and Nappa leathers - representing a beautiful and almost limitless colour palette.

Pigment France bathroom collection

Introducing the Essenza leather & rattan coffee machine

Expanding Pigment France's collection of original Nespresso coffee machines, the Essenza is a new concept highlighting the traditional natural rattan woven with leather. This new design features a removable cover, enabling a change of colour and style and easy access to the machine for maintenance and replacement.

Pigment France Essenza coffee machine with woven rattan and leather


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