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Rabitti 1969 - SS22 Updates

Aliante Floor and Table Lamps

Designed by Simone Fanciullacci, the Aliante lamps are a beautiful wooden frame featuring a saddle leather lampshade, available in any of Rabitti's fifteen signature colours, and fixed to the frame with enlarged metal screws.

Luxor Table Lamps

Combining materials of juxtaposing textures, the Luxor lamp features a base of alternating marble and saddle leather discs, customisable in Rabitti's signature leather palette. The lamp holder is a dark-stained metal structure, supporting a fine linen lampshade.

Echo Pitchers

Borosilicate glass structure partially covered with a saddle leather insert featuring decorative buckles. Designed by Simone Fanciullacci and available in two sizes.

Walden Armchair

Designed by Simone Fanciullacci, this solid wood armchair, with natural or wenge finishes, features a saddle leather backrest and upholstered fabric seat in two standard colours.

The fabric is made entirely in Italy, combining Viscose, Wool, Linen, Polyester and Silk, it is highly resistant and fireproof and can be produced in additional colours on request.


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