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Riviere - AW23 New Collections

Giobagnara proudly carries the Riviere dream forward, elevating the universatl characteristics of beauty and quality.

Palio Collection

Featuring primal geometric forms and sculptural volumes, at the heart of this collection by the Italian designer Simone Fanciullacci lies the concept of a symbiotic relationship between an external shell and a delicate essence.

By combining Riviere's smooth leather with its soft feel, and marbles with strongly distinctive veining such as Calacatta Gold and Saint Laurent Black, this collection unveils a play of contrasts where materials engage in a captivating dialogue: the resilient converges with the delicate, the robust dances with the refined.

Palio is thus a symphony of design where every element harmonises to tell a story of unity, protection, and beauty.

Collection features: Valet trays, Pen holders, Envelope holder, Bookends, Side tables

Choose from Calcatta gold and Saint Laurent black marbles, and brushed nickel and antique brass metal finishes. Combine with Riviere's exquisite smooth leathers.


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