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RUDI - SS21 New collections

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Cancun & Lisboa baskets

The Cancun baskets are characterised by a weave that develops only through the vertical dotted lines that, being cut diagonally, seem to chase one another on the surface, giving life to a design that reminds of the warm and a tad retro atmospheres of certain fabrics typical of Central America.

The Lisboa baskets' design comes from the variation of the classic weave with vertical and horizontal bands in which, however, the overlays are hidden so as to create a surface similar to mosaic.

Made with the finest regenerated reinforced leather structure with water-resistant and UV-resistant finish. Ideal for laundry, towels, magazines and every day objects. Can be used both indoors and outdoors with a non-slip waterproof rubber base underneath.

The baskets can be created to your individual taste by combining any colours from RUDI's 13 unique trademarked Technocuoio range.

Trays & desk accessories

Chevron valet trays

Featuring an inner surface made of laminated wood and finest regenerated reinforced leather structure with water-resistant and UV-resistant finish. The juxtaposition of Technocuoio and wood with unique textures generates a vibrant interplay of materials.

Orbits round tray

Finest regenerated reinforced leather trays with water-resistant and UV-resistant finish. The surface on top, made of extra clear glass, lets the underlying supporting elements be seen, making them not only functional but uniquely decorative as well.

Orbits round trays in regenerated leather

Babylon High Trays

A metal structure covered with overlaid Technocuoio discs; the finest regenerated leather with water-resistant and UV-resistant coating. It's possible to choose any colour combination from RUDI's selection of 13 colours for the upstands' bicolour version.

Available in three sizes, both monocolour and bicolour versions.

Ampere wireless charger

Fast wireless charger made with Technocuoio, a finest regenerated leather with water-resistant and UV-resistant finish. Suitable for all Qi-enabled phones. Features valet tray, perfect for keys and trinkets. Available in any combination of RUDI's 13 unique colours of regnerated leather.

Includes USB type-A cord (1.2m) and mobile charger with four plugs (2p-Euro, 3p British, US and Australia-C).

Wireless Qi-enabled fast charger for mobile devices, featuring valet tray in RUDI Technocuoio regenerated leather

Central desk clock

Desk clock made of several overlaying sheets of Technocuoio. As a sort of miniature architectural element, it provides the shapes with rhythm and lightness by playing with colour, repetition and shadows that generate between one layer and the other.

The bicolour version can be created using any combination of two of RUDI's trademarked Technocuoio regenerated leathers.


Mask clothes valet

A clothes valet with self-supporting coated metal structure and regenerated leather-covered base in a choice from RUDI's unique catalogue of 13 Technocuoio finishes.


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