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RUDI - SS24 New collections

Nassa collection

The Nassa collection is the perfect synergy of style and utility able to redefine living spaces with its sophisticated allure. The framework of this series boasts a sophisticated dark-stained aluminium structure and a vibrant Tecnocuoio weaving, providing not only durability but also a touch of contemporary elegance.

Nassa baskets

This sleek combination of materials ensures stability while adding a subtle yet striking visual appeal to the baskets. Ideal for laundry, towels, magazines or everyday objects. Fit for both indoor and careful outdoor use with a non-slip waterproof rubber base underneath.

Nassa Round Trays

Gourde carafes

Gourde is an exquisite set of carafes, where cutting-edge design meets sustainable luxury. The carafes feature a two-chamber insulated stainless steel structure with chrome-plated finish, which is able to maintain the liquid's optimal temperature for extended periods.

The stainless steel structure is partially dressed with an exquisite woven finest regenerated leather cover, which is also removable to ensure easy cleaning, and boasts a water- and UV-resistant finish. Precise pouring is ensured thanks to the specially developed hinged lid with one-hand operation and a non-slip waterproof base improves its day to day use.

Hotaru lanterns

Hotaru lanterns serve as versatile accents able to enhance their surroundings. A finest regenerated leather base with water- and UV-resistant finish hosts a removable frosted borosilicate glass cap which emanates a subtle, diffused glow from the candle within, creating an enchanting atmosphere.

Available with a solid leather base, or alternatively the No.2 version features a laser-cut contemporary design which becomes backlit when in use.


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