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Saint-Louis - Autumn 2019 New Products

Saint-Louis unveils a collection entitled Game which presents two chess games and decorative pieces associated to them. These exceptional pieces are designed with a contemporary touch and play with its emblematic codes. The pawns, facing each other, are indeed stylised Saint-Louis’ decanter stoppers available in clear or flannel-grey crystal, apart from the Horse which is a true artwork from our intern creator. Playing with reflections and oppositions, these pieces confront two colours, two Saint-Louis signatures, as rivals on a board, evocating the two Houses defying each other on ancient battlefields. Any interior can then be designed as one pleases to and be transformed into a true arena for a new and original game.

The Rat - Paperweight

Saint-Louis is the last remaining manufacture in France offering this rare and exceptional expertise. New paperweights have been issued every year since 1953, creating an annual event for collectors and aficionados. Saint-Louis celebrates the new Chinese astrological sign – the rat – with two colorer and exceptional pieces.

the rat

The rat, whose trickery and mischief distinguish him among the Asian Zodiac signs, is hiding himself under a bowl, craving for sweets. His thin paws and delicate tail and body are crafted using the blowtorch technique, and are being magnified by the upper cut through which one can observe them. Laying on a millefiori background composing several diamond shapes coloured with pastel shades, it can hardly be seen on the sides. It is indeed a vivid representation of the French term « to have one’s bowl full up to its rim » meaning being tired of something and whose pronunciation refers to the term « rat ». The animal is as a matter of fact placed here at the rim of the bowl which is drawn by a white enamel and green calotte covering the paperweight, being a reminiscence of Asian celadon bowls. The techniques such as the pointis de bias, the rounded rib and the bevel cut designing the bowl’s decoration make this paperweight altogether a both technical and poetic piece. One can’t help but flip it to track the malicious animal down at last, although he might have preferred to lay low for a little while. The Saint-Louis vintage in blue is placed near the rat, among the millefiori background.


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