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SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG - AW21 New Collections

Precious Companions

A new collaboration between Dr. Barbara Sturm and SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG.

The German aesthetics doctor Dr. Barbara Sturm and German porcelain brand

SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG have teamed up to support and raise awareness of

nature conservation with the special-edition tumbler Precious Companions. With

every purch ase, 10% will be donated to the wildlife rescue organisation, National

Precious Companions, Sip of Gold champagne tumbler designed by Dr Barbara Sturm for SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG

Our world is enriched by animals in all their unique and precious forms and varieties. It

brings us joy to catch a glimpse of them out in the wild, and we appreciate the vital

contribution they make to our natural world. Thanks to the new porcelain tumbler,

Precious Companions, they can now enrich our lives at home too. Each unique,

handcrafted tumbler is adorned with elephants, bees, turtles, and rabbits, elegantly

illustrating the beauty and diversity of animal species.

Due to her passion for interior design and finest porcelain, the collaborative project

immediately sparked Dr. Barbara Sturm’s enthusiasm. The design for the tumbler was

inspired by her love of animal illustrations and motifs. “I chose to make it with animals

that are especially endangered. We need to bring awareness to the destruction of

wildlife with our voices and our support,” she explains. Human activity threatens our

planet’s biodiversity, with over a million plant and animal species now classed as


The elegant tumbler is decorated with black and white illustrations of four animals that symbolically draw attention to the challenges and crises faced by many other species: elephants, which are hunted by poachers for ivory and whose natural

habitats are disappearing; bees, whose population is shrinking at an alarming rate; turtles, which end up ingesting or getting stuck in the plastic waste that is polluting the oceans; and rabbits, which are not only threatened by intensive agriculture but are often used in cosmetics testing. Dr. Sturm has shown with her cruelty-free Molecular Cosmetics collection that another way is possible.

The freshly minted partnership represents a step in a new direction for SIEGER by

FÜRSTENBERG. It’s the first time Michael Sieger and his team have developed a

design based on an external partner’s wishes and ideas. Dr. Barbara Sturm made an

international name for herself with her innovative philosophy and science-based

products. “What we have here are two brands coming together that both have roots

in Germany and that both share the same exacting quality standards,” says Michael.

Precious Companions is intended to make a small contribution to tackling a big

challenge. “For both brands, it goes without saying that it’s more than just

commercial success that matters. We need to rethink our consumer habits and bring

them into harmony with our earth and the creatures that inhabit it, otherwise we’ll see

even more severe consequences of our actions than those we’re already witnessing in

our day-to-day lives,” explains marketing director Christian Sieger.

Precious Companions, released August 2021, is the latest addition to the 34 existing

models in the tumbler range, Sip of Gold. The range already includes a collection

whose sales support a good cause, with proceeds from the superhero-themed The

Sparkling 4 & Friends going to the Network for Democracy and Courage (NDC).

Grand Cru Gold

Grand Cru Gold tumblers from SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG

Following on from their successful champagne tumbler collection, Sip of Gold, SIEGER design has once again designed something truly special: exceptional tumblers for wine and digestifs, crafted by hand in the FÜRSTENBERG studio.

With their finely curved bases, the tumblers invite you to play: when drinks are served into them, they bob and dance elegantly back and forth before returning to their natural state of balance.

Bursting with life and fun, the Grand Cru Gold tumblers are guaranteed to spark stimulating conversations at the dinner table. The minimalist white of the wine and digestif tumblers elegantly contrasts with the opulent, warmly glowing 24-carat gold on the inside.

This underscores the fine, delicate quality of the porcelain and as an additional effect helps keep white and rose wines refreshingly cool, and allows reds to maintain their ideal temperature.

The velvety mat finish on the satin white version creates a sensuous experience - the porcelain feels soft and almost warm to the touch. Once you've experienced it for yourself, you'll never want to put the tumblers down again.

The high-contrast black and white versions command particular attention. A single twist, and the striped tumblers spin like whirligigs - creating a version of the lollipop optical illusion where the lines appear to keep on swirling endlessly upwards. It all looks so light and effortless, yet making these tumblers is highly demanding for the masterful artisans at FÜRSTENBERG.

The millimetre-thin porcelain and rounded base demand utmost precision - only a tiny point touches the table. That's what gives the Grand Cru Gold tumblers their unique twist and incomparable lightness.

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