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Stephane Parmentier x Giobagnara - AW23 New Collections

After a chance meeting in the aisles of a trade show several years ago, Stephane Parmentier and Giobagnara's collaboration remains strong. In blending tradition, aesthetic heritage and modernity, Stephane Parmentier brings a graphic and sensual sensibility to a typically Italian art of living.

Dew boxes

Beauty often lies in the smallest details. Dew is a captivating series of round trinket boxes that elevate the art of storage to new heights, transforming trinkets into precious jewels. A trip of trinket boxes in three different sizes, each a testament to meticulous craftsmanship. The allure of fine leather with its sumptuous texture is combined with enchanting plexiglass lids that resemble delicate dewdrops glistening in the morning sun, casing a mesmerising magnifying lens effect over the treasures within.

It is possible to choose two different colours and textures of the inside and outside of the box for an even more unique effect.


Rhapsody stool

This collection reinterprets tradition with a fresh and contemporary visual language, seamlessly blending essential lines with ornate detailing. Here, golden tacks and sumptuous leather pay homage to the craftsmanship of the late 1800s and harmoniously merges the classic and the modern, the adorned and the essential, serving as a bridge between the two worlds.

The decorative accents in Rhapsody are not just relics of the past but bold statements of contemporary design.


Rhapsody floor lamps

Extending the Rhapsody collection, these floor lamps, available in two sizes, continue the fresh and contemporary visual language, combining leather with ornate detailing.

Choose from over 80 leather finishes, including printed calfskin, nappa or suede.


Oblivion Round Travertine Table

This small occasional table redefines spaces with its unique blend of form and function, effortlessly capturing the essence of balance and beauty. Oblivion boasts slim metal legs that seem to defy gravity, lifting its round top into an enchanting suspension. This top, meticulously fashioned from travertine and coloured plaster, adds an air of timeless sophistication to any room, seamlessly blending organic earthiness and contemporary aesthetics.

The metal legs can be either bronze-coloured or white with a matching plaster embedded into the marble. Choose from either classic or titanium coloured travertino.


Temaki Pinewood collection

Rooted in the fundamental principles of minimalism and purity of forms, pieces from the Temaki pinewood collection embody sharp sophistication while exuding a natural charm, allowing spaces to breathe while making a bold statement. These creations invite you on a journey of form and function, where every piece tells a story of geometric elegance, essential refinement, rigorous artistry, and the charismatic allure of the matching burnished brushed bronze and sandblasted black pinewood.

Available as a side table, low console and desk.


Lacan Daybed

This piece redefines the concept of a daybed with its minimal lines and studied simplicity. Lacan captivates with its thin and sharp dark bronze frame, a bold outline that artfully envelops massive primal volumes. This juxtaposition of delicate framework and substantial form creates a visual masterpiece that transcends the ordinary.

Wrapped by the frame, a fine leather base exudes luxury, while the mattress, dressed in precious fabric, promises comfort beyond compare. Lacan is more than just a daybed; it's a transformative piece of furniture. It opens up spaces and becomes a focal point where conversations flow and relaxation reigns supreme.


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