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The expanded Vibration collection by Saint-Louis

Created by Saint-Louis and Eric Gizzard, the Vibration collection honours the diamond cut. This emblematic know-how comes alive with subtle movements that capture the light and shine softly while joining to a symphony of curved lines that decorate each crystal plaque.

In 2020, Saint-Louis renews its collaboration with Eric Gizzard and asserted itself as essential to contemporary decoration projects by adapting its chandeliers to semi-customisation.

The distinctive metal frame of the Vibration welcomes two new finishes, bronze and pale gold available for the whole range. A redesign of the chandelier is proposed through three new dimensions and a new LED light source that delicately juxtaposes the sophistication of the metal structure. The collection embraces a new single sconce, a novelty brought by the glassmakers and the designer while remaining faithful to the bold contemporary identity, the radical lines of Vibration.


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