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The new Tommy Coffee Goblets from Saint-Louis

The next piece to complete the Tommy Tasting collection is a flared tumbler, available in clear crystal or lined in light blue or amethyst. The flared lip of the glass allows the aromas to flourish, enhancing the overall coffee experience. Its precious parison nestles comfortably in the pals of your hand. The decorative cuts in the coloured crystal allow you to admire the colour of the beverage inside. Its size is ideal for tasting a ristretto or an espresso.

Saint-Louis Tommy Coffee Goblets in clear and blue crystal

This flared tumbler exemplifies the vase extent of Saint-Louis' expertise, from its coloured linings to the decorative cuts that the Tommy collection is known for.

The finely coloured crystal is born from the experience and dexterity of master glassmakers. First, the coloured crystal is brought up to melting point. Using a blowing cane and mallet, it is imprisoned between two layers of clear crystal, Then the shape is created by blowing it into a mould. One shaped, the parison is entrusted to the hands of the glass cutter who begins to cut and engrave the famous motifs of the Tommy collection: diamonds, almonds, threads, cords and pearls. With an unwavering and infinite mastery, he pierces the delicately thin layer of coloured crystal revealing the clear crystal underneath. In its final step, the glass is carefully polished, offering its future owner the most sparkling tasting experience.


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