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Venini - AW21 New Collections

Precious and suggestive glass art objects

Again in 2021, as every year, the historic glassworks reinterprets some of its great classics and brings to life new creations capable of expressing the atmospheres - warm and welcoming, elegant and cheering.

A unique value evoking an unmatched artistic and cultural heritage.


Venini | 2021

Candle holder, made by blown glass and refined by hand, it furnishes the house creating magical atmospheres. Using the balloton technique, the master glassblowers give the glass an optical effect in cross relief.


Venini | 2017

In the expert hands of the blowers, glass turns into precious gemstones through style and design.


Venini | 2020 - 2021

Venini preserves a vast cultural heritage that includes 125 'secret recipes', dedicated to as many chromatic compositions. With the Pigmenti collection, now proposed in two sizes and featuring a rich colour palette. For AW21, two new colours are added, Rio Green and Horizon.

Tricolore Fazzoletto

Venini | 2021

Fazzoletto is an extraordinary piece that comes to life from the gentle but decisive, circular movement of the master glassblower: a gesture that is art, magic and poetry.

It is created using the prestigious glass rods technique and realised with tricolore colours.


Venini | 2021

A toast for any event. The champagne cups with a refined design, excellent for any occasion, so there's always a reason to celebrate.

Piatto a Murrine

Venini | 2021

Hand-blown glass plate worked with the murrine technique.


Emmanuel Babled | 2021

Blown and hand-crafted objects. Hot application of the coloured decoration.


Tapio Wirkkala | 1966

'Bolle' proposed with a new colour combination. Glass, colour and air, made with the incalmo technique, which consists in hot-combining different shapes and colours. So as to obtain in the same object, the suggestive meeting of differentiated areas and, usually, of different colours.

Piatto di Tapio

Tapio Wirkkala | 1970

Tapio Wirkkala pays homage to his beloved land: thanks to the 'incalmo' technique, he turns glass into water and ice, shaping it from joyful memories, special moments and the nature of Finland.


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