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VENINI - new XL Portable Lamps for 2024

VENINI's most recently launched product, the Fantasmino, Balloton and Deco Luce portable LED lamps have been an instant hit. The special relationship between light and matter that has always been the hallmark of VENINI glassware returns in this line of table and floor lamps that bring the Opalino technique of the 15th century back to life.

The lamps feature dimmable LED technology, controllable through touch or via a dedicated mobile app, with three additional intensity levels to create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion.

Group of four VENINI Gran Balloton Luce LED lamps shown in aquamarine, white, peach and red colours

Each of the new larger lights is available in four colours - Red, Peach, Aquamarine and White, and feature gold coloured accents including handle - which doubles as the touch operation - and base. The lamp is recharged using a wireless charging pad (supplied), so that no visible socket affects the aesthetic. The LED offers up to 8 hours of use, according to the brightness setting, and recharges in approximately 4 hours from empty.

Fantasmino XL portable LED lamp

VENINI Fantasmino XL portable lamp pictured in milk-white glass

The skilful processing of the glass gives the lamp a delicate sense of movement, as if it was suspended in air, while its iconic profile, originating from an exclusive prototype from the company's archives, adds a playful touch to living ambiences.

The shape is reminiscent of VENINI's iconic Fazzoletto vase, designed in 1948, but with a contemporary twist due to its portability.

Gran Deco Luce

Gran Deco Luce portable lamp by VENINI in aquamarine blue glass

The historic vase designed in 1930 by Napoleone Martinuzzi is renewed and transformed into a rechargeable battery-powered table lamp, combining the elegance of the past with the convenience of the present.

This captivating lamp turns a historic glass vase into a unique light source. With a timeless design, Deco enchants with its intrinsic beauty. Every detail, from the fluid and concentric lines, tells a story of bygone eras. However, the real magic begins when this artwork comes to life as a lamp.

Gran Balloton Luce

The red version of the Gran Balloton Luce lamp by VENINI

The distinctive crossed relief effect, from which the models in this collection take their shape, is achieved through the 'balloton' technique. It adds to the collection and renews its concept, thanks to its touch/app-dimmable LED technology.

When you turn on the new Balloton table lamp, the kaleidoscopic effect created through the glass is simply enchanting. The light spreads in a magical way, transforming the surrounding environment into a dance of colours and reflections. You can adjust the light intensity according to your needs, and create the perfect atmosphere for every occasion.


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