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Welcoming RUDI by GioBagnara

We're delighted to welcome the newest brand, RUDI from GioBagnara to our portfolio of brands.

Since 1996, RUDI represents a new and intriguing aesthetic solution in the luxury hotel, restaurant, cafe and yachting sectors. It brings great innovations with the use of the trademarked Tecnocuoio regenerated leather.

RUDI uses a production technique that adheres to a zero-waste philosophy that is eco-friendly and functional. Tecnocuoio is an innovative material composed of 65% genuine leather castoffs tanned with vegetal extracts, 18% natural latex, 10% water, 5% natural fats and 2% natural colouring agents and salts.

The result is a high quality regenerated leather boasting elasticity that is both UV and water-resistant, and which features a perfectly smooth surface.


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