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Zanetto - September 2019 New Products


When creativity challenges a material’s limits, the most astonishing creations arise. Novel interpretations of the most noble metals, unusual and innovative endeavours, these are the Masterpieces. Precious objects and numbered editions, with revolutionary designs that push workmanship beyond traditional limits to achieve aesthetic results that can enhance and lend great character to any setting


Decorating, creating an exceptional and unique living environment is a pleasure to give to others and to oneself. The Living line contains creations designed to decorate the home with style: vases, centrepieces, trays, candle holders, photo frames, room fresheners and more. Exquisite design objects, exclusively for those who love to surround themselves with refined beauty.


If it is true that man is made of the same material as the stars ... it is not difficult to understand which is the fantastic story enclosed in the "Piccolo Uomo" collection, designed by Enrico Zanetto and created by his son Paolo, the third generation who joined the company.

A series of vases and chandeliers of iridescent beauty, where metal becomes a mirror of refractions and flashes in space. Light that is the signal of the universe, which reaches and communicates to us as far as billions of years, distances impossible to imagine but not for this less real.

Little Men of Light. Stars where emotions are drawn on the surface. With subtle, subtle spelling, which gives us the earthly dimension of existences made up of needs and sensations. Everyday life can and must consist of fragments that unite infinity to time. The beauty of the soul of the beholder.

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