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Collectable Pieces - new AW22 pieces from Zanetto

For AW22, Zanetto has released some new collectable pieces. Designed by Enrico Zanetto and exquisitely executed by Zanetto's artisans, these pieces are sure to become design icons.

Cacatoo pitcher

The pitcher becomes art, art becomes abstract.

In a work of technical difficulty, shapes and lines create a unique play of volumes.

A beak, a long tapered crest and the body of a cockatoo are lost and found along the high-hammered horizontal and vertical lines of this piece. Dreamlike combinations and surrealist references, the choice of wenge wood, whose veins evoke exotic landscapes.

A journey of the unconscious that gives access to what is beyond the visible. Functionality becomes surreality.

Lumaca vase

The Lumaca vase is a reference to Futurism. A meeting of concepts that intersect in one: dynamism.

A play of shapes and lights, the warm reflections of gold mirror the surroundings but maintain their primary identity thanks to the 'vie' hammering that traces the primoridial design, outlining the concept around which this vase was conceived.

The freedom to experiment with shapes, volumes, with the experience of the craftsmen who created this work; this freedom reflects the creative research of Enrico Zanetto. A continuous journey, an evolution that never loses its essence: shaping the material and giving it new life.

Rhodos Amphora vase

An ode to classical beauty, a reference to ancient Greece.

he proud and clean lines, a symptom of grace, measure and proportion, meet the contemporary taste of the author, Enrico Zanetto.

The harmony of timeless beauty is pursued on the levels of balance and symmetry, between all the parts and between each of them the whole figure, to then be softened by angular and moderate handles.

The amphora, symbol of the body that houses the soul and grace, is the guardian of the essence of life and the synthesis of everything that exists in every cycle of life and its transformations.

This celebratory work releases the multiplicity of its meanings, radiating with light thanks to its sparkling and precious gold-coloured surfaces expertly shaped by Zanetto artisans.


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