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DATUM is the first porcelain tableware series designed by the global architecture and design studio Foster + Partners in collaboration with FÜRSTENBERG. The precise geometry in porcelain, the modular system of the individual pieces and FÜRSTENBERG's unparalleled expertise combine to make DATUM an outstanding and groundbreaking tableware collection. DATUM unites the highest level of international design and experienced craftsmanship and is made in Germany.

The grid matrix

The design of DATUM follows a pure and controlled geometry. The core concept was to explore the formal relationships between each piece in the tableware collection. The dimensions of the individual pieces are carefully calibrated within a grid matrix, creating a direct interplay between them.


The formal geometry and its precise execution enable multiple functionalities and efficient stackability.

The radii are crafted with millimetre precision and the bases have wafer-thin gradations to permit the five product groups to be stacked together.


DATUM is synonymous with systematic functionality and pioneering design. A plate can be used as the lid of a bowl, allowing you to keep food warm or store it in a fridge for later.

With the functional French press and the sophisticated 'To Go mug - both made of high-quality porcelain - DATUM goes far beyond the standard dining experience.


DATUM's modular system refines flexibility - and makes no compromises in terms of design style. Every piece in DATUM has been designed to cater to a variety of occasions.

Porcelain To Go

The 'To Go' double-walled take-away mug made entirely from porcelain, is the first of its kind from FÜRSTENBERG and underscores the new demand for great taste on the go.

The two-and-a-half-millimetre-thick body is astonishingly light. By virtue of the double-walled design, drinks retain their temperature for longer.


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