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Gien - AW23 New Collections

Les Dépareillées

Gien presents this version of Vues d’Orient pattern in Les Dépareillées blue collection.

The Faïencerie de Gien won a first class distinction in 1876 with Vues d’Orient design, taken from its archives: a gold medal and a diploma of honour at the Universal Exhibition in Philadelphia.

The dream of the Orient in the 19th century - Nostalgia for travel.

Orientalism in the 19th century owed its rise to the Romantic aesthetic movement, which glorified a distant and often fantasised Orient. The Vues d’Orient service created in 1876 was part of this trend, which was very much in vogue at the time.

Mixing prints and styles will make your tables warm and inviting. These pieces can be combined with Les Dépareillées blue or Les Filets.

The breakfast/tea time range is completed with a Japanese teapot, Jumbo tea, coffee and breakfast cups and saucers, a bowl, a large bowl, a mug and an XL mug to offer different sizes and shapes to suit all uses and create unique, convivial moments around this pattern.

You’ll also find a cake platter, an oblong serving tray and a pasta bowl to meet all your serving needs. Canape plates, cereal bowl and US cereal bowl are also available in this collection.

Tapas Boards

These Tapas boards are idea for setting up a nice aperitif to share festive and warm moments. They consist of two cocktail bowls on a burnished hornbeam board and are available in Le Jardin du Palais and Toscana patterns.

La Prestic Ouiston

Laurence Maheo, fashion designer and founder of La Prestic Ouiston, brings her world to earthenware in this exclusive collaboration with Faïencerie de Gien. The two brands share a taste for rich designs, colours and patterns.

This collection, a gentle, colourful and sensual world, begins with the DNA essentials of the ready-to-wear brand’s prints: a woman in bloom, Arrose-moi, the iconic Dragon couple, and the bigoudène going fishing for various marine objects.

These fine prints can be found on plates, bowl, vases, pitcher, and card holders, and then blend in with the world and history of the designer, from her native Brittany and its luscious oysters to her poetic tales. All drawn by Laurence Kiberlain, a friend and

long-time partner of the brand.


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