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Gien - SS24 Newness

Updated: Feb 27

For SS24, Gien has updated some of its most popular collections and decors with additional pieces that make them more functional, more decorative and more enjoyable. Whether a cake stand, vase or pie dish, there are new categories within the collections that extend existing tableware collections and open up new gifting opportunities.

Footed cake stand

Following on from the three-tier cake stand, Gien has created an elegant footed cake stand to complete its teatime range. This footed cake stand is available in Le Jardin de Palais, Millefleurs and Tulipes patterns. It makes a wonderful gift and will also complement the other pieces in the set.

From a technical perspective, the footed cake stand is cast in a single piece, meaning that the leg is not glued to the top. This gives the piece a more attractive appearance, with a beautiful curve at the top of the leg, and makes it even more solid, as there are no weak points between the leg and the top.


Gien's Poesie collection, showing the three-tier cake stand, two sizes of vase, candle and small square tray - new for SS24

Poésie is like being in the middle of a meadow or garden where wild flowers have pride of place. Each flower depicted, each stem and each leaf, is different, denoting the bountiful wealth of nature, echoing the detail and care too that goes into the work of the Manufacture. Joyful, subtle hues create an exquisite harmony of colour to suit every moment of the year.

The scented candle, the vases, the square plates and the letter tray complete the range of gifts and decorative items in this collection. Gien is also introducing a three-tier cake stand to use for entertaining - perfect for receptions or tea/coffee breaks. The three-tier cake stand in itself is an attractive, decorative piece. It can also serve to hold fruit, or even stand on its own as an ornamental item on a table or sideboard.

Details of the new items in the Poesie collection from Gien


The Tulip has been a recurrent theme in Gien's iconography since the late 19th century. It is a reference to Louis XIV's official flower. This black version accentuates the graphics and is a daringly modern take on a major classic item of Gien's heritage.

Add height to a table with the footed cake stand, or and explore the completed breakfast/coffee range with the new coffee cup and saucer. The scented candle, vases and square candy trays enhance the collection of decorative items in this design.

The Tulipes collection acrylic trays make a beautiful complement to the earthenware services and are ideal gifts. They are made in France in collaboration with a workshop specialising in the manufacture of printed trays since 1950.

The new items launched in Gien's Tulipes collection for SS24

Bakeware & tableware

To add even more appeal to culinary creations, Gien presents a collection of stoneware baking dishes. Famous signature patterns Toscana, Sologne and Millefleurs now feature in this must-have oven-to-table range, with baking dishes in two different sizes, a pie dish, a cake mould and a ramekin.

The material used to produce these pieces guarantees resistance to mechanical shocks. The glaze ensures strong protection against scratching and easy cleaning. You can serve directly from these dishes, in a way that is both elegant and casual.

Gien's bakeware novelties for SS24


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