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Gien - SS22 New Collections

Introducing La Favorite

Design by Yaz Bukey, La Favorite is inspired by an Ottoman tale. The tale relates the story of a turtle that fell in love with a tulip in the Sultan's palace gardens... The Sultan was so passionate about tulips that he had turtles fitted with candles on their shells and trained to serve as lights in the gardens during evening festivities, illuminating the flower, symbol of his empire. It so happened that a turtle became intoxicated with a tulip's scent and fell in love with the palace Favorite...

This story, illustrated on plates, dishes and mugs, invites our imagination on a journey. Together, the pieces form the palace flower gardens, where the turtle can be seen among tulips, bringing them light. There are four flowers, each one depicted on a dessert plate and give a name: mischievous, artful, gracious and Favorite. The turtle falls in love with this last one. On the cake plate, whilst the three other tulips try to enamour the turtle with their charms, he only has eyes for the Favorite.

The combination of red, blues and greens is inspired by Isnik ceramics in Turkey. Thse colours take us back to Ottoman tradition and fantasy.

You can match La Favorite pattern with the Filets colours:

  • Corail

  • Manganese

  • Cobalt

Tulipes - extensions

The Tulip has become a recurrent theme in Gien's iconography since the late 19th century. It is a reference to the Louis XIV's official flower. This black version accentuates the graphics and is a daringly modern take on a major classic item of Gien's heritage. The elegance, simplicity and discretion of this pattern make it the perfect table setting.

The breakfast / teatime pieces are made complete with the addition of a teapot, a creamer and a sugar bowl, for happy, special moments together with this emblematic pattern, a treasured favourite. Gien are also introducing large capacity pieces within the range, including an XL Mug (42cl) and Jumbo cup & saucer (45cl), to suit every purpose.

Last but not least, a new oblong serving tray and oval platter are available, and a cereal bowl to bring additional variety among the items available.

Siam vases

The creation of this vase stems from the combination of Gien's knowhow and the sensuous concept of style in the designer ALNOOR.

In his approach to design, ALNOOR places emphasis on the emotional message conveyed by the object of his creation:

"An object must offer something that we feel we want to relate to. Something that appeals to our subconscious self. Something that draws us to want to touch it. The object must connect with our emotions. It has to have an appeal. What I like to do is focus on that special moment filled with feelings of awe and eagerness, the moment that comes just before you enter into actual physical contact with an object. I like to say that I create objects to be desired."

The Siam vase, which can equally be used upside down, is presented in three coloursL Kaolin glaze on Lemon Yellow glaze, Willow and Acapulco, Coral and Ruby. These three colours have been formulated to provide a pleasing match with the many and varied existing Gien patterns.


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