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Giobagnara X Stephane Parmentier - Tables

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

The Palazzo, Augustus and Olympia tables

Palazzo Stool Side Table

The Palazzo family enlarges to the world of furniture. Leather covered pure shapes intersect in a rich composition of solid volumes and void, as a graphic homage to the architecture of Giuseppe Terragni's Novocomun apartment complex in Como (1928), considered the first modern building in Italy.

Augustus Table

A collection of round nesting tables characterised by bronze legs and smoked glass surfaces, circled by a thick leather edge in a reference to portholes of the greatest Italian ocean liner designs of the 1950s.

Olympia Marble Side Table

An extended collection of side tables and seats that mix hard and smooth materials such as travertine, suede, leather and bronze lacquered wood.

The shapes evoke both the futuristic architectural ensemble of Oscar Niemeyer's parliament of Brazil and the mild curves of oriental architecture.


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