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Illustre Paris - SS22 New Collections

Illustre have designed and created a number of new products and collections, expanding their appeal. With exquisite cushions in velvet, linen and mohair, updating interiors doesn't need to come at the cost of quality.

Realised from the paintings of Laurence Amelie, the designs are rich in tones and detail. Complimented by hand-embroidered placemats and napkins which add a timeless quality to dining tables and occasions.



Based on two original paintings by Laurence Amélie and Ubaldo Francescini, these cushions are printed on Italian linen.

Overdyed Table Linen

For spring, Illustre is offering a complete line of overdyed cotton table linen, made in France. The subtle range of colours plays on a palette of softness; a collection that invites you to enjoy and share - two of Illustre's core values.

The collection features Placemats, Napkins, Tea Towels and Aprons, in colours: Curry, Sauge, Poivre, Muscade and Bois de Rose.


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