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Introducing: Illustre Paris

Inspired by the colours of the paintings of Laurence Amélie, as much Parisian as it is bucolic, as romantic as impressionistic, the decor becomes the poetry.

Illustre embodies an intuitive and singular art of living. When art inspires the joy of living.

The mission: to transform everyday objects into unique artistic creations that convey emotion thanks to an alliance of talents that make them unique.

The collections: Panoramic wallpapers, linen and velvet cushions, embroidered linen, stoles, beauty pouches, printed tote bags and scented candles.

Whether you're looking for an exquisite retail offering, unique interior accessories or you're curating luxurious gift lists, Illustre Paris has a solution.

Watch the introduction

The collections: in detail

Panoramic wallpapers

Printed in Paris, in ultra high definition, the panoramic wallpapers are disturbingly realistic. The thickness of the paint on the canvas, the brushstrokes, it's all there. If you look closely, you'd better touch them to make sure you're not mistaken!

Panoramic wallpapers are available in two formats, which can be combined together to produce a third - the largest - size.

Linen and velvet cushions

Linen woven and printed in Italy, treated to obtain a smooth and soft finishing.

Quality cotton velvet printed in Austria, revealing the depth of colour.

The back of all cushions is a natural linen, from the Vosges in France.

Embroidered linen

With infinite delicacy these hand embroidered cotton napkins and tablecloths are possible only thanks to the superb talent of Indian artisans.


Woolen muslins reveal the flowers of Laurence Amelie. Roses, peonies and cherry blossoms inhabit this piece of divine heaven. Stoles by Illustre Paris will become a key element in your dressing room.

Beauty Pouches

Generous in size, these beauty pouches have been elaborated for a perfect fit. Made from 100% linen with a 100% cotton lining and adorned with matching bucolic water patterns similar to a spring morning.

Printed tote bags

Cotton canvas tote bags are an ode to colour and a hymn to joy.

Featuring Laurence's prints:

  • Yellow narcissus - the exuberance of an abstract garden with shades of pink and plum under a bright sunlight.

  • Cobalt blue - rhapsody of blues where daisies dance among the grass of a crazy meadow.


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