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Introducing Gien

From the time when the company was established 200 years ago, Gien Faïencerie, the largest earthenware making factory of its king in Europe, has symbolised elegance, luxury and the unique French "art de vivre", the legendary French way of life. It gained renown producing bespoke dinner services bearing family crests, for prominent French and European houses of the time, and also, through production of tiles for the Parisian Metro stations.

Warm and vibrant, Gien fine earthenware is in a class of its own through its composition, its quality and forms. A Gien plate requires 26 different ingredients and passes through the hands of 30 craftsmen, the heirs to a legacy of two hundred years of skill and know-how.

We're delighted to be appointed by Gien as agent for the UK and Ireland, and welcome this heritage marque to our portfolio of luxury international brands and makers.

History & Know-How

  • Europe's leading earthenware manufacturer, a symbol of elegance and french art de vivre.

  • Two centuries of craftsmanship go into the making of this premium quality earthenware. Traditional crafting techniques are still in practice and are inherent to an outstanding level of excellence.

  • The Gien Faïencerie still controls, to this day, the entire manufacturing process from sourcing raw materials to making clay paste and slip, to turning out the finished product. The transition from heap of earth to pieces of stunning beauty - it all happens in Gien, France.

Each piece of Gien passes through the hands of 30 different master craftsmen and women. Each pair of hands applies the skill of roughly 20 years of practice. So each single item is treated with 600 years of know-how!


Discover or rediscover Gien's patterns from oldest to the most recent. Flowers, gardens, animals and many others...many decorations are entirely imagined by Gien's artists.


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