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Christofle - MOOD Nomade

Updated: Dec 17, 2018

Resolutely contemporary with its ovoid lines and relaxed attitude, MOOD Nomade is a natural traveller. Its handles, in full-grain calf leather with rich finishings that are the hallmark of expert leatherworking, in cherry red, embody the Maison Christofle's new exercise in style. Under the leather ties, behind the polished shell in mirrored steel stamped with the house's coat of arms, sits a complete silverware service for six, resting delicately in a walnut base.

So that the magic of dining takes full effect, Christofle has also created a complete collection for the table, with a matching steel tray with leather handles, two-material candle holders, woven jacquard placemats and a porcelain dishware ensemble composed of plates, service platters and cups with refined motifs inspired by MOOD's shape.

MOOD Nomade collection's motif is directly inspired from the iconic MOOD shape: it appears as a pattern interlacing on the porcelain and table linen, and has inspired the hurricane's shape that takes after the MOOD Coffee. Another strong element of the collection is the cherry coloured leather of the bridle, which also appears on the tray's handles.


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