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Our Home Office Edit

Whether you're redesigning an existing home office, creating an entirely new one or adapting a multifunctional space that's perfect for occasional home working, we've put together luxurious and practical solutions to tempt and excite.


From the modernist spirit evoked by the Malaparte desk with its rigorously structured geometry and streamlined Japanese aesthetic, to the seventies-inspired Vector where flat surfaces collide with curves in a visual manifestation of the natural geometry of the organic world.

The Giobagnara x Stephane Parmentier collection offers an almost limitless set of options in leather, suede, marble and travertine.

The Cabellé chair from Rabitti 1969

Two folded sheets of saddle leather are affixed to the chair's metal frame at the seat and the back in a design that perfectly adapts to the sitter's body to ensure comfort.

Desk Sets

An almost limitless combination of desk accessories in leather, suede and silver from some of Europe's most skilled craftsmen. Whether a contemporary or traditional interior, a frequent or occasional workspace, we can build tailored collections in almost any colour.

Desk accessories

Whether you're styling an every day workspace, or the brief is for something more homely we have a wealth of accessories to compliment any home office.

From paperweights to wireless chargers, and vases to bins and boxes, our brands can offer products in a plethora of materials, colours and styles.

GioBagnara offer a range of Qi-certified wireless charging solutions, all fully customisable in their range of over 300 leathers and suedes.

Clessidra from Venini, inconic since 1957

Clessidra from Venini

Stylish and functional, the iconic Clessidra from Venini, designed in 1957, adds a touch of colour and playfulness to any home workspace.

Crystal paperweights from Saint-Louis

Crystal paperweights from Saint-Louis

Saint-Louis remain the only French glassmaker capable of creating paperweights using such an impressive range of skills.

Uni box with silver plated lid from Christofle

Add contemporary flair with the Uni wooden box with silver plated lid; a streamlined yet striking and sophisticated design from Christofle.

Carlo Paperweight in marble and leather from GioBagnara

Carlo travertine and leather paperweight

Marble and leather paperweight with a choice of five marble finishes - arabescato white, green guatemala, eramosa brown, black portoro and white - and almost 300 leather options.


Desk lighting

Practicality can suit any interior, with a range of lighting solutions in silver, leather and marble.

Perfect for background and task illumination, we can offer a range of solutions from our portfolio of brands.


Shelving and storage

The secret to any tidy office, as well as small storage accessories and boxes, we can help you supply a range of shelving and furniture options, including bespoke and custom sizing.

Whether leather and suede from GioBagnara and Stephane Parmentier, or handcrafted metal designs from Zanetto, talk to us about exquisite furniture solutions.

Shelving unit from Zanetto

Vector leather and suede bookshelf

Vector is a bookshelf that combines shelves in printed calfskin, suede or nappa with a back structure in suede in a design inspired by graphic art of the seventies where flat surfaces collide with sweeping curves.

Leather covered file holders from GioBagnara

Whether leather or suede, GioBagnara's file holders are made to order in any one of their 300+ material and colour finishes and include the file name holder on both sides for flexibility.



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