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Stella, a new relief in MY CHINA! from SIEGER by FÜRSTENBERG

With its gentle relief lines, the new Stella series is adding a sensual dimension to the MY CHINA! service. Filigree structures, inspired by the radiance of a shining star, lend the white porcelain its exceptional warmth and charmingly tell the story of the master craftsmanship needed to manufacture Stella. The elegant precision and the special quality of the handcrafted tableware are seen and felt in each piece.

The new relief series comprises 17 pieces, whose outer shape consists of soft curves (coupe form) and is available in three designs. Flowing transitions between the glaze and velvety-matt finish make this set a tactile experience. In addition to its partly satinised variants, Stella shows its beauty in gleaming pure white or with a fine platinum band.

Designer Michael Sieger created this high-quality service as a subtle stage for meals and drinks – also for modern restaurants. The dimensions and shapes with exactly coordinated diameters are so precisely perfected that the plates, bowls, cups and accessories can be combined in any number of ways for any occasion.


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