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Stephane Parmentier x GioBagnara - SS21 New collections

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Lipari table lamps

Lipari is a collection that aims to find harmony between opposites: the natural, delicate texture of the woven rattan shade on each lamp reveals a beautiful, soothing glow when lit, while the geometric rigor of the sturdy metal base creates captivating strong contrasts, boasting an exceptional magnetic charm.

The base is available finished in chrome, bronze or brass.

Group of Lipari lamps designed by Stephane Parmentier for GioBagnara, with bases in bronze, chrome and brass.

Eolie table lamps

Eolie is a collection where the meticulous perfection of handmade weaving meets the flawless elegant simplicity of pure forms and proportions.

The woven rattan, with its warm natural nuances, boasts captivating light and dark effects and conveys a feeling of weightlessness, while the combination with an ideally heavy metal base brings forth a subtle interplay of contrasting yet complimentary textures.


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